Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The girls got their first little pet last weekend. Pawpaw was working at Ross Bridge on Friday and picked up this super friendly turtle off of the golf course and brought him to the girls on Saturday. They thought it was the best thing ever! We have had Bogey (cute, huh?) for 4 days now and he has not eaten one single bite of anything we have given him. We are afraid he is going to die so the girls and I are taking him down to the lake across the street to let him go this afternoon. I wish he would eat so we could keep him...he is the friendliest turtle I have ever seen. He has not been inside of his shell at all the entire time we have had him. Clint built him this "turtle condo" so he has a swim area and a sunning area. We will miss you Bogey!

Max the wonderdog....afraid of a turtle!

I didn't just let Bogey walk around the house but he crawled out of the styrofoam cooler he came in before Clint made his new place and I had to let Max size him up for a few minutes. It was hilarious!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Updates galore!!

Okay folks, I have spent many hours today updating this blog. There are 3 pages of updates so when you get to the bottom of the page you need to click on "Older Posts" to see the following page. I think there are 12 entries in all with tons and tons of new pictures. I hope I never get this behind again because it takes too darn long to catch up! Hope to see you all soon.

Playdate fun

Kensie was reading Sutton and Taylor bedtime stories

Sutton's fashion sense is a bit scary in this one!

They always love to get into my shoes and clomp around

Such silly girls

The Three Musketeers

Bathing beauties

Ballet recital

Here are some pictures from the ballet recital. It was absolutely precious to watch and they did much better than what we thought they would. The rehearsal the week before was down right frightening and none of them were doing the same was hilarious. Somehow they turned it around and did a really good job.

This picture cracks me up. Taylor is looking at Brynn like "what in the world are you doing?".

Bunny and the girls

Sherry, Taylor, Sutton and Joyce

Look at Sutton's face here...she is totally feeling the music and doing her own thing!

Getting a little bored with the routine?

Sutton spotted us and was waving

Just hangin' around