Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soon to be flower girls

Taylor & Sutton are going to be flower girls in Jennifer & Jason's wedding in August. (Jen is Clint's cousin) The wedding is outdoors in Atlanta and I am hoping and praying that the girls do a good job! These are their dresses and they are so pretty...Jen did good! I think it would be precious if they went barefoot but I'm letting Jen make the call on that because I don't know what the terrain will be like and they do have very sensitive little feet. Otherwise maybe ballet shoes? Just not sure. They called these their princess dresses.

Closet disaster

This is what happens when you leave two 2 1/2 year olds alone in their room while you try to clean downstairs. They completely destroyed their closet that I spent more than two hours organizing and cleaning the day before. When I asked what in the world they were doing
Taylor said "I'm trying to find my flip flops!" She doesn't even LIKE her flip flops.

Doughnuts for Dad

This was Doughnuts for Dad day at MDO but I never got a picture of them with Clint...oops.

Fun in the sun!

The girls played in the sprinkler a while back and just as I suspected....Sutton loved it and Taylor was not so much about it. Sutty kept squirting Taylor with the water and she would scream and cry and scream some more. Taylor did like just sunning her buns though!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, the zoo, and Papa Reuben and Gigi too!

Hunting Easter eggs and Nana's house was so much fun!

This one cracks me up...putting a little hip into it! Back away from the egg, Sissy.

Yes, sadly this was the best picture I could get of them in their dresses. I am going to have a "do-over" soon to take some other pictures so I'll put those up on the blog when I get them done.

Taylor and Papa

Mom and John

The kids table at mom's cute!

Daddy and his girls

Sutty on the carousel at the zoo

Taylor loves riding the carousel

Watching the "mingos"

Taylor on the slide at Emerson's house during our Easter playdate
Sutty swinging at Emerson's house
Sutton, Taylor and Anna going through their loot from the Easter egg hunt at our playdate

This is part of our playgroup...a few couldn't make it that day. (L to R) Sutton, Taylor, Anna, Samantha, Emerson, Luke, Sarah Brock and Evan. Baby Anna was there also but she's too little to sit up by herself yet.

Papa Reuben and Gigi came to visit for the weekend and Papa Reuben brought the girls these awesome stools that they absolutely love. He built them himself, painted them and put Tinkerbell on them...what a huge hit. They also double as a cool place to eat snacks and color.

The girls "helping" me in the kitchen. And yes, our island is still unfinished!!!!

The girls with Papa Reuben during his visit with them. They all had a lot of fun!