Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silly girls

Today Kelley and Sam came over to play since our regular playgroup didn't meet. The girls were just playing around on the stairs (and they just so happened to be dressed alike today!) so I took some cute pictures. They were acting like they were taking a nap on the stairs.

Riding in the Jeep....finally!

The girls were finally able to ride in their Jeep this past weekend because the weather here was fabulous! We actually have 2 Jeeps but for the moment we gave them one to share. We want them to get used to driving it a little before setting them both loose on the driveway together with them. I am not sure how in the world I am going to chase two of them around at the same time. Clint and I both got a workout that day just trying to keep them on the driveway and keep them from hitting the house and our cars. They had a great time and I know they will be running the tires off of them when the weather is finally warm enough to really play outside.

Valentine's Day

Taylor reading her Valentine card Sutty studying her card

Trying their best to look innocent...yeah, right!

Snow of 2010

Taylor throwing a snowball Clint and Sutton

The girls working on their first snowman!

Wine cork for a nose!

They are having so much fun playing in the snow

Snow angels...yippee!!

Snowball fight w/ dad

Our house

Clint with the girls

We had a great time playing in the snow but these pictures are actually from the day after when it was really starting to melt. We had to get a little playtime in before it was all gone.