Saturday, January 14, 2012


We got to see the most wonderful Santa this year! He and Mrs. Clause were unbelievably real and the girls were thrilled to see them. Michael, yes the one that the girls were in LOVE with last year, and his family have a Toys for Tots toy drive at their house each year and were nice enough to invite us. You get to have your picture made with this wonderful Santa just for bringing a toy. It was great, no lines, no waiting, and the party was a lot of fun!

My Girls' Christmas party

I was the host this year for the Girl's Christmas party....27th year!!!! Isn't that amazing? I cannot imagine life without these girls. About an hour before everyone was set to arrive poor Taylor threw up ALL over the place. I was so stressed! Clint was supposed to take the girls out for a special afternoon while I had the Christmas dinner but instead they spent the entire time holed up in the basement with poor Taylor throwing up. Poor baby. I felt so bad because I was a horrible hostess, barely talked to anyone and was running downstairs the whole time to check on Taylor. She was better after about 24 hours....and then Sutton got it 2 days later.

Zippy Zebras!

The girls are in the Zippy Zebra class this year at school and each student gets to be the student of the week at some point. Here are pictures of the girls when they were Zippy Zebras. Such a big deal! They get to carry the special bag all week with their things in it, bring their favorite book, favorite toy and a special snack for the whole class.

Photo Shoot

The girls were asked to be in another photo shoot for Blessed Be The Name clothing. They had a great time again and loved doing it. Here are a few pictures that were my favorites. Ashley, the owner, is so sweet that she gave me a CD with all of the girls pictures on it. These are unedited but they are still great I think.

Halloween 2011

I had to beg the girls to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 this year but I think their costumes turned out so cute! They liked wearing them once I got them finished...the hair was hilarious.

Disney Trip 2011

The girls had a front row seat for one of the parades and were in hog heaven.

Here are some pictures from our Disney trip. We had a blast! We are all ready to go back already but will wait until the new area is finished before we go back. It's the Happiest Place on Earth! And it flat wore us out.