Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun

Trick or treating


Sassy kitties


Taylor is scared of pumpkin guts!

Pumpkin that the girlsl drew and Clint carved

Girls w/ Sam and Abby

We had a lot of fun this Halloween! Last night we went walked over to our neighbors, The Forrester's, house (Their daughter Amy is our babysitter) for a cookout with hotdogs, chilli, cupcakes, fire pits, etc. before we went trick or treating. Everyone from our street was there and it was a lot of fun. Then Scott, our next door neighbor, took all of his crew, all of our crew, and all of the Craddock crew (lots of us!) on a hayride to trick or treat and we had a blast. The girls absolutely loved trick or treating and seeing all the other kids dressed up. I cannot even tell you how many people were our in our neighborhood last was crazy! Some of the houses we went to had the best decorations ever...I was so envious that I only had a little "Boo" sign on our front door. So, today I went and bought a ton of stuff for our yard next year...even a fog machine!! (And it was all half price too.) One house we passed had a huge table set up in their front yard with all kinds of food, drinks, beer, wine, for anyone that wanted to partake, and a was so darn cute! Plus, they had a haunted house set up in their basement for the kids. I didn't go inside but how cool is that? There was a very long line outside to get in. So I'm already looking forward to next year and I didn't really realize how much I like Halloween, but I really do! It was all so much fun!