Monday, October 27, 2008

Two little ladybugs

We went to our neighborhood fall festival in the park close to our house on Saturday and we had a really good time. The girls didn't mind their costumes at all but the headpieces didn't stay on until we made it down to the park. We rode a train, saw some ponies and were absolutely mesmerized by the gigantic bouncey house that had an Elmo head on front of it. They just stared in amazement and clapped for him!
They are both sick now (have been since last Thursday but we went to the festival anyway) so I don't know if we will get to trick or treat on Friday night or not. We had to skip the trunk or treat at church last night because they both had a fever and felt yucky.

We love to read!

I hope this trend continues because they absolutely love, love, love their books right now. They have decided the best place for reading is in the ballpit or the toybox.

Ballpit fun

Can you find the baby in this picture? The girls decided to move most of their toys from the toybox into the ballpit for some reason. They played in it like this for about an hour!

Monday, October 20, 2008

One word...ME-OW!!

I drug the girls out onto the porch in the cold weather this morning to take their picture before they went to school because they just looked too darn cute in these sassy shirts that Aunt Vanessa sent to them. Will I ever get a picture with them both looking at the camera and smiling?

Beach pics

Taylor w/ Nana and Sutton struttin' her stuff.

Our first beach trip

We had beautiful weather at the beach and have decided we are now big fans of the Santa Rosa/ Blue Mtn. Beach area. The first day we took the girls to the beach it was toasty...about 85 degrees, but the following day it was a crisp cool fall day when we started out (thus the long sleeves on us all) but we were hot by the time we left. Both of the girls were unsure about the sand to begin with but Sutton finally seemed to tolerate it. Taylor wasn't having any part of it! We will try again in the spring and see how it goes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nole Girls

Go Noles!! Daddy bought us these shirts to wear on game days. We even wore them when mom and dad were in Las Vegas and it helped to pull the Seminoles though by the skin of their teeth.

Bath in the big tub

Daddy was either feeling very adventurous or the cough medicine he is on went to his head but he let us take a bath in the big tub last night and we LOVED it!!!
Sutton wasn't too sure about things when we turned the jets on but realized it was fun and made lots of bubbles once she gave it a few minutes. Taylor of course loved it.

Please send toys

Poor kids have no toys to play with and they had to resort to tupperware and chewing on the blender's pitiful around here. I think Sutton is buried under the plastic bowls somewhere in this picture.


I just love this picture of my little smiley girl!

The Wagon

We finally broke the wagon out yesterday. We have had it for almost a year but haven't used it yet...crazy huh? The girls loved it! We walked around the neighborhood a little and they smiled and waved to everyone and even met a little girl that lives just down the street that is the same age so maybe we'll have a new playmate soon. Yesterday was so nice outside that we spent lots of time outdoors. They thought it was oh so fun to crawl up and down the front steps and onto the porch and were aboslutely filthy by the time we went inside. They both also had their first falls on the pavement yesterday with little crying and a few scratches on their legs...they are pretty tough.