Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday funday

Today we have done a whole lot of nothin'! I let the girls play in our tub w/ the jets on for a while this morning, which they thought was fabulous. Clint brought the sit n spins upstairs that Monica gave us over a year ago (thanks Monica!!) and they had a blast on those for a while but wouldn't stop carrying them around everywhere so we put them up until this afternoon. The girls are taking a nap right now, I am blogging, and Clint has gone to Walmart for basically everything but the kitchen sink.
Taylor is doing a great job w/ potty training and goes in the big potty rather than the little potty now. Sutton couldn't care less about it! She is Taylor's biggest cheerleader and jumps, claps and yells "yea sissy!" everytime she goes but when we say "Sutty don't you want to go tee tee in the potty like a big girl?" She looks us square in the face and says "No" and walks away. It's crazy because months ago Sutton was the one who would get very upset and say "tee tee diaper mommy" and want to be changed immediately...that passed quickly. I have just decided that she is not ready and I am focusing on Taylor for now. When Sutton is ready, I will work with her hot and heavy but not right now. It's probably easier this way because I tell you, I was running myself ragged trying to get them both on the potty at the same time in the beginning.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

We are slowly trying to remodel our kitchen. So far Clint has installed a new cooktop and replaced our microwave with a fast cook / convection / microwave rocks! We made a homemade pizza tonight and it cooked in 8 minutes. Made burgers last night and they cooked in 12 minutes...I'm lovin' it. As soon as I put the food in the oven and clean up my mess it's time to eat. Next is the new stove, warming drawer, and fridge. Soon we will be much better equipped to feed large crowds for the holidays, parties, etc. (And I fully intend to FINALLY have another party...I miss them so much.)
This picture is of our cabinets. We don't like the color so Clint was going to put a mocha glaze on them to give them some depth and darken them up somewhat. I really like the color in this picture but once we put them back onto the island we didn't like it so much. Clint was able to get most of the glaze off w/ it remaining in the creases, which we thought we might like, but....not so much. So, now we have to figure out what to do w/ the cabinets. I'm thinking we might have to call in the professionals for this job but we will see. Anyway, Clint has been working like a dog lately, traveling like crazy and working just as hard at home on the weekends...thank you honey!!!!! All of your hard work is much appreciated.

Dress Up

We played dress-up today and I think Sutton's outfit is very fashion forward!
If you have noticed that there seem to be more pictures of Sutton than Taylor you are probably right. The reason being...Taylor will just not be still long enough for me to get a shot. The child is non-stop movement 24/7.

Potty time

Yes, those are potties full of tee-tee! I know, just what everyone wants to see. At least I didn't do what Kate Gosselin did. (If you watch the show, you know what I mean!) I have not been vigilant w/ the potty training at all. We just take it one day at a time. Maybe next week full force...not sure yet. Each time one of them goes we all dance, sing, and generally act a fool. These 2 year old tantrums are making me batty though...whew, we have some tempers in this house. I was flat worn out by noon yesterday due to the emotional challenges my children are bestowing upon me.

Rain Boots

We bought the girls some rain boots the other day and they just love cute w/ little dogs on them!