Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goofing around

I was trying to get a good pic of the girls one morning before school and they were in such silly moods! This was the best they could do. I'll take this over crying any day!

Strolling w/ my Sissy

We ususally go for a stroll up and down our street every afternoon when the girls wake up from their nap. They have recently started holding hands during our walks (first I had to coax them a bit but now they will do it on their own.) Isn't that just too sweet? Taylor walks faster than Sutton and somewhat drags her along but they seem to work it out.

Fun at the Park Today

Yummy corn on the cob

The girls love, love, love corn on the cob! I have been cutting the corn off of the cob for them until they started pointing and whining at mine and Clint's plates and I figured out what they wanted. It is yummy and entertaining all in one.

Snow Day