Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids take everything so literally!

A few nights ago we were eating pizza for dinner...let me start by saying that the girls have gotten to where sometimes they won't eat certain things if I cut them up for them. They like to have food that looks like ours I have figured out. Anyway, we ordered pizza and I put a whole slice on each of their plates just to see what they would do. Well, they dug right in and started scarfing it down (so no more cutting up pizza I guess). Sutton started playing w/ her food a few minutes into it and Clint said "Sutton, you don't play with your pizza. It goes in your belly." So....what did she do? She lifted her shirt up and laid the pizza right on her belly!!!! We started dying laughing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My favorite Easter pictures

These are a few of my favorite pictures from Easter that I took in our front yard. I think they turned out so sweet!

Soccer chicks

I bought the girls a soccer goal this week and today we went outside for them to try it out. They are actually pretty good to be so small. We might have the next Mia Hamm in our house!

Soccer chicks (continued)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Does anyone actually read this blog?

I was just wondering if anyone actually reads our blog? Just wondering if I am blogging to never-never land or if anyone is checking this thing???

The last of the RSV shots...yippee!!!

Today the girls got their very last RSV shots and I am so happy they don't have to go through that every month anymore! The older they got, the worse it was. Tanna, our nurse, came to our house each month October through April to give the girls their shots. When they got to a certain weight they had to start getting 2 shots each time. They have not been very welcoming the past two times Tanna has come to the house and as you can see in the picture above, Taylor was having nothing at all to do w/ her today. The second she saw who was at the front door she went into the den, sat down at her table and hid her face. The picture I got was not nearly as funny as what she was actually doing for about 10 minutes. The entire time Sutton was getting her weight, vitals and shots Taylor had her entire head covered up with toys and wouldn't look up at all...hysterical! As soon as their shots were done they both got stickers and Tanna gave them candy necklaces which they think are so cool!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter lunch at Nana and Papa's

Isn't that just the cutest table ever??? So girlie! Nana bought all of the girls bunny glasses and we were lucky enough to get a snapshot of her modeling them for us! The other pics are Sutton and Taylor with their cousins Peyton and Madi Claire after the egg hunt.

Easter Baskets

Taylor and Sutton loved their Easter baskets! Their favorite toy so far was the Abby Cadabba doll. They are napping with them as we speak.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

This was my attempt at getting a picture of girls underneath our cute little bunny on the front door. Oh well....

Mickey & Minnie infatuation continues

The infatuation with the tiny little Mickey and Minnie Mouses is still in full force. As you can see, the girls like to slide w/ them...Mickey and Minnie go down first and then they follow. I think we are going to have a Minnie Mouse themed b'day party...I'm working on it and trying to come up with some cute ideas. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

The perfect park

We finally found the park everyone has been telling us about in Greystone. If you didn't have precise directions you'd never find it! It is directly behind the firestation and everything is just the right size for little the firemen had an 8 week old yellow lab puppy and the girls had a fit over him! Sutton wouldn't get too close but Taylor was very interested in him.
First thing this morning we met Julie and Emerson, and Kelley and Samantha at Brookwood Mall to have pictures made w/ the Easter Bunny. The girls did great! Sutton wasn't too certain about him at first but Taylor started squealing with delight the minute she saw him and got right up in his lap with no problem. Sutton let me put her in his lap and just kind of stared at me like "Is this okay? Am I supposed to like this furry thing?" She didn't so much smile for the picture, but she didn't cry either. After that we headed to the zoo for the day....but that got nixed when we got there. The entire lot at the zoo was completely filled up and the gravel lot where the buses park was almost full too. We all decided that there was no way we were going to fight that crowd w/ strollers, etc so we left and went to the park instead. Good choice I believe.

New rocking horse

The girls have a new rocking horse and they absolutely love it. They have also been pretty good about taking turns riding it. They both automatically take their bows out, hand them to me, put the cowboy hat on and then mount Possum. Yeehaw!

Just being silly

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clowning Around (continued)

Clowning Around

It started out as a tea party and ended with grocery baskets on their heads....silly girls! I had to finally take them off myself. They were just sitting around watching TV w/ those things on their heads.
The hug was really sweet but ended in a brawl. I have pictures of that also, but didn't feel the need to post them. Little girls wrestling is not pretty!