Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow day

Taylor being pushed in the baby stroller by Samantha (in the snow) Sutton riding Sam's new motorcycle...she loved it and didn't want to go in to warm up.

I put these scarves on the girls and they thought they were hot stuff...kept them on for a couple of hours.

Playing around in the "book nook" I made them upstairs. Two bean bags, one cute antiqued bookcase and tons of books, they love it!


Bunny, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Sherry aka "Bunny and The Aunts" The girls wore these tutus and ballet shoes for about 4 days straight! You can't see it in the pics but the skirts and shoes light up. The girls always ask to "turn the fireworks on" in their skirts!

Sutton is a natural with this little baby grand piano. I think there might be some lessons in her future.

Even though there are two jeeps they always want to be in the same one.

Taylor with GG, her great grandmother. She was snuggled up tight and loving every minute of it!

The girls with their cousins, Peyton and Madi Claire at my mom's on Christmas Eve.

Papa reading The Night Before Christmas to the girls. They were listening so hard.

My brother Todd, his wife Shea and Peyton and Madi Claire.

Mom and John