Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute pics

Cooking w/ Elmo and Grover

The girls really enjoy "cooking" while I am getting dinner ready. This is about the only way I can keep them out from under my feet while I am trying to prepare dinner.

Another weekend doctor visit

It seems that everytime the girls get sick it starts on Friday and we end up at the doctor's office over the weekend. I honestly don't think we have been to our regular office in about 4 months but we have made at least 3 trips to the Hoover office on the weekends. They both started with a runny nose, congestion, cough and then a fever so...we were up a few nights a lot w/ them but they are much, much better now. The doc did a flu test just to make sure they didn't have it because their fevers wouldn't seem to go away but it was negative thank goodness. They had a good time at the doctor's office rearranging all of the furniture and playing in the chairs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pedicures and stroller rides

I thought today would be a perfect day to give the girlies their first little pedicure w/ my favorite OPI summer polish...Bubble Bath. I started w/ Sutton and she was really good about sitting still but was very apprehensive about what I was about to do to her. I just kept making a huge deal about it while I was painting saying "oh my goodness...this is going to be SO pretty!" and on and on. It only took about a minute total to paint them all. She was thrilled with it after we were done and kept looking at her feet all day saying "pretty feet". So cute!
Taylor was having nothing to do with it. She was actually upset that I was doing something new to Sutton and had a grimace on her face the whole time. I tried and tried to get her to let me paint her toes too and I only got polish on one of her big toes and she was having a come apart so I thought rather than scar the child for life I would just let it go and try again tomorrow. She is very interested in Sutton's toes and thinks they look pretty but she still won't let me near her w/ the polish!
We went for a walk today and I let them take their little strollers and push one of their babies in it and they had a really good time. Later this afternoon I walked into the kitchen to find them pushing each other around in the teeny strollers. It was cute but they know they are not allowed to sit in them. Probably didn't really convey that message too well as I was laughing and snapping pictures but oh well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last day of school and the alarm debacle

Today was the last day of MDO for this year. Taylor and Sutton absolutely love going to school so I don't know how long it will take for it to set in that they will not be going for a few months. Each night when we go to bed they talk about school and start naming every little kid in their class and their teachers over and over.

Today they had Water Day at school and had to wear their bathing suits for the pool and waterslide and got to eat pizza, chips and sno-cones. They obviously had a wonderful time and are still wound up so much so that I don't think they will go to sleep for a nap today. It's 3:00 and they've been in bed for an hour and are still playing and talking. Might be an early bedtime tonight which would be just fine w/ me.

Last night was like a Chinese firedrill around here and I didn't get much sleep. Just as I was finishing up reading to the girls and about to put them in bed the alarm downstairs starts going off like crazy. Immediately I think someone is trying to break in to kill us all and of course Clint is out of town!!!! I ran downstairs and the keypad said "Check 02" which was the front door so I really thought someone was trying to get in. No one was there...I called Clint because I could not get the stupid alarm to turn off and the girls were screaming and going crazy upstairs. It was total chaos for a while. I ended up having to call the alarm company and the guy tells me that the sensor on the door needs a new battery. Oh great! How the heck am I supposed to know how to do that!? I am trying to FIND where to change a battery (all the while the girls are going nuts upstairs and the freakin' alarm is still beeping)...this goes on for a while. I am just exasperated cause what he's telling me makes no sense...long story short, he had no idea what he was talking about, there is no battery to change on our door sensor, I had to completely unhook the back up battery from the alarm box and then get sent on a wild goosechase throughout the house to find the AC adapater that is SUPPOSEDLY plugged into an outlet and screwed in the wall. I am getting mad all over just thinking about this craziness!!! So, I tell the guy to hold on, go upstairs and at least put the girls in their bed (they were running wild in their room) so I can go to the basement to look for this elusive AC adapter to unplug it so this stupid alarm will stop beeping. I look all over the stinking basement and cannot find it, go back upstairs and the guy is gone...dial tone on the phone. I think he must have hung up cause he didn't want to deal w/ me cuz I was ticked at this point. So I call back, get another lady and by this time I am so mad I am very, very close to using cuss words while talking to her. She was one of those people who talks over you and you can't even tell her what the heck she needs to know because she won't SHUT UP for 2 seconds. So, I just start talking over her...we were literally both talking at the same time for like 20 seconds but I just didn't care. After a while she figured out that our alarm system is hardwired rather than just a plug in ....which I had told her at least 3 times but she never heard me because she wouldn't shut up and listen. So, there is no AC adapter and I was looking for nothing. I ended up having to get a screw driver and unhook wires on the alarm system because it would not turn off w/ the keypad for some reason. All that being said we have been having the outside of our house painted and the windows have to be left open just a little bit for a few days. So, no alarm, Clint's out of town, windows open, ladders outside big enough to reach to the top of our house...I am a scaredy cat beyond belief and am terrified of someone stealing my babies so...I slept in their bedroom floor last night on a blanket and I am sore as can be today and a little cranky. I will be so glad when the weekend gets here, Clint is home, the painters are gone, Clint finishes painting the den, and we get our house put back together. It's all driving me nuts now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here are a few pics of Clint's painting job...looks great so far! I feel so guilty just sitting in the bedroom watching TV and playing w/ the girls while he's slaving in there but someone has to keep the hooligans in check and out of the paint.
Some of you have heard me complaining about our exterior painting issues but for those of you who have not....the painters were supposed to begin painting the outside of our house 2 weeks ago. The first week it rained too much to start, the 2nd week they came out and cleaned the house and put all their ladders, stuff on the roof, etc and I was so excited for them to get started. Clint was out of town the day they were supposed to start painting. The painters showed up at 8am ready to go and then I get a knock on the door about 10 minutes later...the paint colors were all wrong. We were sticking with basically the same color family that we have now...or so we thought! One of the colors (which was supposed to be the main color) was baby doo doo green. Not at all what we have. Actually none of the colors were that great, but I can live with the other two. So, everything was put on hold until Clint got back and they took a can down to the paint store to try and remix it to bring it to a color that we could live with. If this rain ever stops we are going to put some of it on the house to see if it will work. Keep your fingers crossed! Clint says he doesn't think I will like it but we will see.

Rainy Sunday and Painting

Will the rain ever stop???? I am wholed up in our bedroom with the girls today and we are running out of things to do! Clint decided at the spur of the moment yesterday around 2pm that he was going to paint our den...and I am SOOO happy! It has needed painting for a long time and even though I was unprepared to have this done, we are doing what we can to stay out of his way and let him work. Of all weekends for it to rain the entire time, this was not a good one. I am hoping the rain stops soon so we can at least go for a walk and get out of the house in a little while. We watched TV, or TB as the girls call it, for a while, got bored with that so then we played with blocks for a while. That got boring so then they wanted me to bury them in blocks. Now they are jumping on the bed and I need to stop blogging before someone gets hurt...bye.

Time out at school

Well, there are two whole days left of Mother's Day out (yes, you can hear my crying all the way over here) and sweet little Taylor got put in timeout at school for the first time on Friday. I picked up the girls and asked my usual "Were they good?" and Miss Heidi looked at me and said "No! Taylor had to go into timeout today." I was not surprised and honestly cannot believe it hasn't happened before now. Heidi said Taylor would not stop hitting Sutton so they finally put her in time out. I'm just glad it was Sutton she was hitting and not another child. Heidi said she keeps telling Sutton to stand up for herself and she finally started saying "No, no sissy". But I can tell you that at home, it's pretty much equal...Sutton has driven me nuts today with hitting Taylor and has been in timeout here this morning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Bunny was here for an entire week and has spoiled the girls rotten! Here are pictures of Taylor eating corn. Does anyone else have their own personal corn-holder???? I think not.