Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday fun

Filling up the pool for fun

Sutton thought it was soooo funny to squirt Tay w/ the hose...look at that stinker laugh!

Lovin' life!

Sweetest smile!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Luau Playdate fun!!!

Sutty was getting adventurous at the end...

The whole group eating lunch

They both loved it!

We had our end of the year playgroup today and Julie did a luau theme with this gigantic blow up water slide and the kids had an absolute blast! I was thinking Taylor might not like it but she loved it and I was so glad. Sutton of course is our little daredevil and scared of nothing so she loved it too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My girls beach trip

Here are a few pictures from my trip to the beach with my girlfriends. It rained all but the first day but we had a good time anyway!

Brandi and I in front of the hippie van in Gulf Shores the day we came home. And yes, it was beautiful and sunny the day we left...of course!

Wendi made us all a beautiful wine glass with our monogram on them...aren't they cute?

I made these t-shirts for everyone. You can't really tell from these pictures but it's a chandelier on the shirt. Clint has dubbed us the "Chandelier Mafia". Poor Brandi, to get this picture she had to climb to the loft, set the camera up with the timer and run down the spiral staircase and hop onto the bed...all with a big smile on her face. She's good!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ballet class

I signed the girls up for ballet class yesterday and they are super excited! They start on June 7th at The Children's Dance Foundation in Homewood. I have heard wonderful things about this place so I am happy that they are going there. Plus, this is the only facility that I have found that the mom's can stay and actually watch them through a two-way mirror. I can't wait!!!
Sutton ended up in tears before we left because she didn't understand that they were not going to get to start class yesterday, just register. She kept saying "I do ballet class mommy...I have to go dance". Taylor was just along for the ride and didn't get upset but Sutton was chapped. I finally quieted her down and got her out of there without too much of a fuss by telling her we were leaving to go and buy her ballet clothes so she was excited about that.
We left there and went to Wal-mart (yes, they have ballet stuff!) to get their leotards, tights, skirt, and shoes. The Dance Foundation also has all of this stuff but it's $18 for each piece and I didn't even look to see how much the shoes were. Needless to say Wal-mart was much cheaper. However, everything is too big for them, especially tiny Taylor. I got an XXS and it's still too big. The tights look like elephant ankles over their entire legs, the shoes are too big, the skirt falls off of Taylor when she walks and the leotards are too long. So, I am going to have to find somewhere else to find clothes that will actually fit them. They thought they were totally sassy in their ballet outfits though. Sutton even said to Maxwell..."Max, you like my ballet clothes? I look pretty!" And she's right, she does look adorable! Hopefully I can get some pictures of them to put up tonight.
Tomorrow the girls go to the dentist for another check up and then to get a hair cut. I sure hope Taylor does better at the dentist this time than the last. I had to hold her down and she cried the entire time...I felt so bad. She told me today she wasn't scared but we will see.