Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tee tee in the potty!

I was gung-ho about potty training about a month ago...bought little potties, potty seats, big girl panties, treats, etc. Then I decided to wait because I couldn't quite figure out how things were going to go with one being more ready than the other. Sutton tells me when she has a tee tee diaper "tee tee diaper mommy, change!". But Taylor hasn't shown much interest yet other than to play with the cute little potty every now and then. Tonight I put the girls in the tub and about 5 minutes into their bath Taylor said "poo poo mommy" and I thought the worst...Poop in the tub! Not again! (only happened once but that is one too many.) Luckily there was no poop in the tub. Then she told me again so I got her out and sat her on the potty and about a minute later she tee teed in the potty!!!! I was thrilled...danced, jumped, kissed her, hugged her, praise out the wazoo. So, we will see. I definitely don't think this means a light went off and we are there yet, but at least she's getting ready. :o) Yea Taylor!!!!

Time with cousin Peyton

Today Peyton came to stay with us for a while during one of Shea's jewelry parties. Madi Claire had a doctor's appt. so she couldn't be here the whole time. Taylor and Sutton thoroughly enjoyed her company. Cousins are fun! Peyton even insisted on changing diapers and putting them in their chairs at the table and buckling them in. I like my little helper!

She's crafty!

I have been trying very hard to be more "crafty" lately. Above are a couple of the shirts I have made for the girls and then a memo board I made for their room. I have other shirts that I have made but they are b'day gifts for a party tomorrow and I don't want to give away the gift before I give it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watching George

My children are completely and totally addicted to Curious George. There is nothing more important to them in this world. I could run in front of the TV naked with my hair on fire while George is on and I would get looked around and sushed. It's nuts. Is this normal? I let them watch 2 episodes a day but I get asked all day long if they can watch it.

We Love Puzzles

The girls have decided that they love, love, love puzzles all of the sudden. We have had 4 puzzles for about a year now and they will play with them on and off but didn't show a lot of interest in them until now. They just can't get enough! They are so sweet and cheer for each other "yea Sissy!" when they complete it. So cute. Yesterday I took them to Simplicity which is a toy store in Mt. Laurel to buy some new puzzles and they had them mastered in a matter of 5 kidding. I was impressed! So, I think there are more puzzles in our near future.

My painting

Brandi had a paint party at her house last weekend and it was lots-o-fun! I cannot draw stick people, as many of you know, but look what I ended up being able to paint! Alice, who does the parties, is an art teacher and she will come to your house and bring everything you need to paint...just supply the friends! I think if you are the hostess you get to choose what you'd like to paint (everyone does the same painting) but Alice draws it on the canvas for you w/ a pencil and gives you the right paint colors, etc. with lots of instruction...she's wonderful! I have been to several of these parties but this is the first time I have ended up with something I will actually frame and hang on the wall. The others are in a closet upstairs never to be seen again. In fact, the very first time I went to do this at Sips n Strokes we did some abstract painting with bright colors and wasn't my kind of thing to begin with...but Clint was so sweet and insisted that we hang it in the den. Shea, my sister in law who is an artist, came over one day and when she saw the painting she said, "Oh, that's cute...did a kid paint that for you?" I took it down and shoved it in the closet that very day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun afternoon

We had a fun afternoon today. We blew up the bouncy in the basement and rode bikes in the driveway. The girls are WAY too daring right now. Our driveway is very steep and they like to go up, not all the way, but farther than I am comfortable with and zoom down the drive on their little bikes. Daddy better be getting that fence put up soon or else we're gonna loose two little ones over our 20 foot wall!

Sacked out

If you know my children, you know that they do not nap anywhere other than their beds or in the car. I can't remember what we had done this day, but when we got home and I got them out of the car they went straight to the sofa and went back to sleep.

Family picture

This picture is from February but thought I'd post it anyway.

Sissy, wake up!

This is a video of the girls being silly one day during lunch.

Swan bite

I took the girls to feed the ducks a couple of days ago and they had a great time...until a swan bit both of them! I didn't know that swans were mean but they are. In the video Sutton is the one that gets bitten. But once I turned the camera off Taylor got bitten by the same one. Stupid birds! Honestly what are birds good for? All they do is make noise and poop everywhere. I had a mishap at about 5 years old with two parrots that I was having my picture taken with (one on each shoulder). My hair was very long and for some reason they decided to start trying to tear my hair out and pecked me in the head over and over until someone finally got them both off of me. They were all tangled up in my hair and I was terrified. I swear I have hated birds since then.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun

We had a fun filled 4th of July this year. We cooked ribs, corn, and roasted potatoes and pigged out! The girls loved it all. Later that night we went to Homewood to meet Brandi, Craig, Macy, and Vivi to eat at DeVinci's Pizza and staked out a spot to watch the fireworks show, Thunder on the was great! At first Taylor kept saying "I scared, I scared" over and over but about half way through she realized it wasn't going to hurt her and enjoyed the fireworks. Sutton was walking around saying "I not scared, I not scared" over and over too. We had a really good time and will definitely make it an annual thing to go down there. Lots-o-fun!


Clint and I took the girls swimming on Friday to start off the holiday weekend. We swam at Brandi and Craig's house and they were out of town but told us to use their pool while they were gone and we totally took advantage! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Both of the girls are now comfortable with just "swimming" around with just their floaties on their arms and prefer not to be in any other float now. We had cute little crab floats that they sit in but they think they're too big for those now I guess. They are both jumping off the side of the pool and Sutton started saying "I do it self" because she didn't want me to hold her hands while she was jumping anymore. Of course Taylor followed suit immediately afterward and they both had a ball. I am so glad that we have close friends w/ a pool we can use rather than having to go to a crowded public pool...I think it's easier for kids to learn this way without a lot of distractions. I will take some pictures the next time we swim but forgot the camera this past time.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Two Year Check-Up

We went for Taylor & Sutton's two year check up this week and all is well. They are developing exactly as they should be and are not delayed in any aspect so I am very, very happy about that. Now, if you've seen my girls in person you know that they are pretty tiny...but how tiny? They are in the 75th percentile for height and the 3rd (yes, that's a three) for weight!!! Dr. Darby says they are fine and will just be small, which I am fine with as long as we are not talking about itty bitty kind of small. Paris and Milan here they come!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunning Our Buns

Our deck is our haven this summer. We have a pool, slide, playhouse, and a sand & water table on it. We recently bought a new table and chairs and a canopy tent to go over it so it's pretty enjoyable out there most of the time, especially in late afternoon. However, I am definitely ready for some cooler weather. I just can't stay out there long with this 100 degree heat indexes!

Birthday Party at Mt. Laurel

We had Sutton & Taylor's 2nd birthday party at the park in Mt. Laurel and it was a lot of fun! That is a wonderful place to have a party but boy was it hot that day! I think all of the kids had a good time and the parents got a chance to sit and talk as well.
So, last year we totally forgot to sing Happy Birthday to the girls in all of the chaos of me getting everything just right...then they both threw up everywhere after the first bite of cake because they were sick. It was lovely. This year I had it all planned out...we not only sang Happy Birthday once, but twice. I think it's important that each child gets sung to individually. Just because they share the same birthday doesn't mean they get cheated out of the limelight! It all went pretty well and we got it all on video but no still photos. And once we got home we realized that we had forgotten to put the cute little birthday hats on them I had bought! What will it be next year? Will I forget the cake? Ugh.

Birthday Party at Mt.Laurel