Monday, March 21, 2011

Horseback Riding



We took the girls to ride a "pony" at Oak Mountain this past weekend. Turns out they got to ride a full fledge horse but they absolutely loved it. We had been at the petting zoo the weekend before and Sutton said she wanted to go ride a horse because she saw them across the field. I had my doubts if they would actually go through with it, espeically Taylor, but they certainly proved me wrong. Taylor even volunteered to go first! She certainly has come a long way from a year ago when she was scared of anything and everything and it is so nice to see her finally enjoying things. Sutton was so relaxed while she was riding the I honestly thought she was going to fall asleep so we kept talking to her to keep her awake. The nice man that led the horse around told me that they were both very relaxed on the horse and that the horse was very relaxed with them because of it. He could tell by the way it was holding it's head down low and her ears were relaxed. They both said they would like to do it again so I am looking forward to it in the future.

Photo shoot

Our very talented neighbor, Fer Donoso, did another photo shoot w/ Sutton and Taylor yesterday afternoon. There are TONS of pictures but these were some of her favorites. I think they are wonderful!
These two are probably going to be tired of getting their picture taken soon because they are supposed to do a photoshoot for a local children's clothing store, Favorite Laundry in Mt. Laurel, in the next couple of weeks also. We were in the store last week and the owner, Ashley, asked if they would be interested in being in the next catalog and they both said yes.
Also, we have a mini-session photo shoot (30 minutes) scheduled with Jennifer Neely (whose work I love!) in about 3 weeks at Samford University. Clint is going with us so we can get some family shots for this one. We have not had a professional family photo done since the girls were about 3 or 4 months old...and that was at Target so can you really consider that professional? I think I knew more about what to do than the scatterbrained girl taking our pictures that was a debacle to say the least. Take 2 preemies, with heart monitors, massive reflux, and colic and try to get one good ain't happenin'!

So, pictures galore coming up in the next few weeks!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make-up Wednesday and hair cuts

Today I took the girls to get their hair trimmed, which they love to do. I was going to take them to ride the ponies at Oak Mountain this afternoon but it is a bit too chilly today so we are going to wait until the weekend to do it. Thankfully I had not told them yet.

Taylor got their Barbie make-up bag out today and the both sat at the kitchen table and gobbed on the glitter, eye shadow and lip gloss.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Backyardigans at McWane Center

Here is Pablo taking her headband off

Here he is with it on his head

Waiting in line...oh the anticipation!

Tay is so excited

The girls were super excited about going to McWane Center today to play and see The Backyardigans. I knew it would be crowded because it is spring break but WOW! I had to wait in a line for 15 minutes just to get into the parking deck....never had to do that before. It was packed but they got to meet their little furry friends and we had a good time playing afterwards. Pablo (the penguin) took Taylor's headband off of her head and put it on his and she thought that was the most hilarious thing ever....she was belly laughing about it and is still talking about it. What a difference a year makes...I can remember last spring break we went to meet Dora and Boots and Taylor was terrified, cried and would not go near them. So happy she's over all of that now and loves doing all the fun stuff. (And in case you can't tell, the pictures are loaded backwards)