Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reindeer shirts



Sutton in a bumble bee hat, one pink glove, and duck slippers

Fashion forward girl!

Aren't these shirts precious? They made these at school and the reindeer's face is their footprint and the antlers are their hand cute! I kind of knew a little something was going on when I asked if they painted at school one day and Taylor said "I paint wiff my feet mommy!"

School Christmas party

Taylor decorating her cake

The "cool kids" table

Sutton decorating her cake (Samantha beside her)

Taylor couldn't stop eating to take a picture

Me w/ Sutton...too busy to stop for a pic

This year the mommies got to go to the Christmas party at school and I was so excited! The kids all got a little birthday cake for Jesus to decorate w/ icing and sprinkles. Taylor & Sutton were both just eating the icing right out of the cup when I got there so I spread a little on their cakes to get them going but they weren't interested in decorating so much...just eating. They had a big yummy lunch of pizza, apples, chips, and cookies also. I don't think either one of them ever ate any pizza, just the cookie and apples. They all had a great time I think and I was so happy that we were invited this time!

Polar Express 09

Waiting for Santa

Mr. & Mrs. Clause

The girls w/ Macy
We did the Polar Express again this year and the girls had a blast! For those of you who don't know about it, you go to the train station in Calera and ride the train out to the North Pole where Santa and Mrs. Clause board the train and talk to all of the kids and take pictures. The Polar Express story is read to the kids on the way there and elves pass out milk, cookies, and jingle bells and sing Christmas carols. It's pretty fun but this year I thought the elves were a little scruffy looking...must be hard up for good elves for some reason. The girls talked pretty big about Santa the whole day before we went. Taylor said she was going to hug him and tell him what she wanted and Sutty had to one-up her and say that she was going to kiss him! Needless to say there was no hugging, certainly no kissing and I am glad to say, no crying this year. They didn't want Santa to get too close, so him getting behind us was about the best to be done this year. Maybe next year!

Christmas card photo op


Taylor is a bit ticked off!

And no, she is not singing!

Ring around the rosie...

I hate when they do this to their eyes but they think it's hilarious.

Goofy Taylor

Innocent faces

I took about 50 pictures in order to get a few good ones for our Christmas cards this year. It was quite the challenge and I really came close to choosing 3 pictures of them screaming and fighting and saying "Hope your Christmas is Merrier than ours..." but I didn't. I know I say this over and over but it is SO hard to get two kids to both smile and look at the camera!!! Good golly. I finally threw in the towel when they were both crying and I was yelling "Get over by that tree and SMILE right now!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New beds...again?

So, a lot of you know that we struggled with what to do with the girls and their beds. They were climbing out of the baby beds but we couldn't decide whether to go w/ a toddler bed or a regular sized bed. We went with the toddler beds for a little while because we are in the midst of remodeling our kitchen, finishing our basement, and doing a few other things around the house and really don't need to spend the money on new beds right now and you use the crib mattress w/ the toddler beds. Plus, or course, the beds I want are a little pricey! Why does everything I like have to cost so darn much???
Anywho, the toddler beds have been working out quite nicely other than the fact that Taylor rolls out of the bed quite often. I found her in a ball by the door one night and I have been sleeping in their room for the past two weeks because they have been so sick (Sutty has the croup) and honestly she falls out of the bed several times a night. Poor baby. Above is the answer to our problem. I bought these little under bed storage boxes to put some toys in and store under their beds (which ended up not fitting under the short little things anyway) and when we went upstairs to go to bed tonight this is what they did. They both grabbed a pillow, blanket, a few toys and were ready for night-night. They were ticked off when I made them get out and into the "real" beds.
Does this remind anyone of the Seinfeld episode w/ Kramer has the little Japanese men sleeping in his dresser drawers? That was one of my favorite episodes ever!

Random pictures

Sutton riding in her new cool chic position in the car. We were driving down 280 the other day and out of the blue she looked over at the car next to us, held up her hand in a peace sign (as best she could) and said "Peace out"....I started dying laughing!

One of the girls snuggled up in bed. We have all been sick and end up sleeping in any and every bed in the house we can get comfortable in.

The other pictures I put on here to show you the most beautiful dog ever. Isn't he gorgeous? My girls are actually kind of scared of dogs but not this him to death and he's as gentle as can be with them. So sweet

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun

Trick or treating


Sassy kitties


Taylor is scared of pumpkin guts!

Pumpkin that the girlsl drew and Clint carved

Girls w/ Sam and Abby

We had a lot of fun this Halloween! Last night we went walked over to our neighbors, The Forrester's, house (Their daughter Amy is our babysitter) for a cookout with hotdogs, chilli, cupcakes, fire pits, etc. before we went trick or treating. Everyone from our street was there and it was a lot of fun. Then Scott, our next door neighbor, took all of his crew, all of our crew, and all of the Craddock crew (lots of us!) on a hayride to trick or treat and we had a blast. The girls absolutely loved trick or treating and seeing all the other kids dressed up. I cannot even tell you how many people were our in our neighborhood last was crazy! Some of the houses we went to had the best decorations ever...I was so envious that I only had a little "Boo" sign on our front door. So, today I went and bought a ton of stuff for our yard next year...even a fog machine!! (And it was all half price too.) One house we passed had a huge table set up in their front yard with all kinds of food, drinks, beer, wine, for anyone that wanted to partake, and a was so darn cute! Plus, they had a haunted house set up in their basement for the kids. I didn't go inside but how cool is that? There was a very long line outside to get in. So I'm already looking forward to next year and I didn't really realize how much I like Halloween, but I really do! It was all so much fun!