Thursday, December 17, 2009

School Christmas party

Taylor decorating her cake

The "cool kids" table

Sutton decorating her cake (Samantha beside her)

Taylor couldn't stop eating to take a picture

Me w/ Sutton...too busy to stop for a pic

This year the mommies got to go to the Christmas party at school and I was so excited! The kids all got a little birthday cake for Jesus to decorate w/ icing and sprinkles. Taylor & Sutton were both just eating the icing right out of the cup when I got there so I spread a little on their cakes to get them going but they weren't interested in decorating so much...just eating. They had a big yummy lunch of pizza, apples, chips, and cookies also. I don't think either one of them ever ate any pizza, just the cookie and apples. They all had a great time I think and I was so happy that we were invited this time!