Monday, January 12, 2009

Hugs for everyone!

I just thought these were cute pictures. We had a weekend full of poop...literally! The girls went for their 15 month check-up on Thursday (yes, I know they are 18 months). We are behind because we changed doctors and had to wait for an appt. to see her for 3 months. It was well worth the wait though because we all think she's the cats meow and much more loving and personable than the first Pediatrician we had. It's all about the bedside manner. Nana went w/ us to the appt. since Clint was out of town and I have to say that Sutton & Taylor have never had so much fun at the doctor's office before. They played really hard while we were there throwing balls, bouncing balls, moving the exam room furniture that was not bolted down (seriously!) and had a blast. They got a great report and Dr. Darby said she would never know that they were born so early because they are doing so well developmentally. I asked if they were small since all the 18 month clothes just fall off of them and she said yes but it was nothing to worry about. They are thin but tall...America's Next Top Model here we come! She said they would probably even out in a few months.
They both had ear infections and were put on antibiotics...and the poop began. I don't think we've ever changed so many nasty diapers in a weekend. And bed sheets, and washed boppies, etc. Anyway, I called the doc today and got a different antibiotic so hopefully things will clear up if you know what I mean.


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