Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tangled with Peyton and Madi Claire

Mom and I took all of the girls to see the movie Tangled a couple of weeks ago. It was really cute and there was this huge photo spot inside that I just couldn't resist. Don't they all look so cute! S&T really love hanging out with Peyton and Madi Claire and are thoroughly entertained by them.

Chick-Fil-A cow

We accidentally ran smack dab into the cow in Chick-Fil-A the other day and the girls were thrilled! He's lots taller than I thought he would be too. I whipped the phone out and snapped a quick picture.

The circus

Silly faces!

We went to the circus a few weeks ago and the girls loved it! They had a great time and we did too except that I coughed the entire show due to some smoke from some fireworks. We even left a little early because I just couldn't stop coughing. I added it all up and for the four of us to go to the circus was a total of $ ridiculous! Tickets, a $20 toy each (the cheapest thing they offered) a drink for each of us, parking....and that was it. It's crazy! We won't be going each year but we will definitely take them again because they really enjoyed it.

Bud's Best Cookies tour

We went to Bud's Best Cookies with Kelley and Samantha a few weeks ago and took the tour. You get to ride on a little train through the facility and learn how everything is made. It was cute and we got Vanilla Wafers hot out of the oven so that made it even better! The last picture is of a cute little kitty that likes to hang out at our house sometimes. Taylor has fallen completely in love with him and named him Dego....don't ask me where that name came from.

Valentine crafts at school

These are all of the cute things the girls made for Valentine's Day at darn cute!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Muffins for Mom

Taylor, Sutton, Samantha, Emerson

Sutton w/ Mrs. Kim

Taylor w/ Mrs. Kim (MDO Director)



Lots of kiddos! These are the 3&4 year olds

Our tables were precious! The kids made placemats, the things on the back of the chair are full of things they made and we had muffins, fruit and juice. It was really fun!

Today was Muffins for Mom at MDO and we had such a great time! I am so upset though because the moment I started filming the program my camera said "Memory full"...are you kidding me??? Ugh. Anyway, it was absolutely precious, the girls sang their little hearts out and I am so upset I don't have it on film to show. I do however have a few pictures but they are not great either. I don't know if my camera was on the wrong setting or what but they are all very blurry. Just not a good picture/video day over all. Taylor and Sutton are on the far right on the front row in hot pink shirts.