Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Samantha's Pinkalicious birthday

Dance party!

Taylor w/ Pinkalicious

Tay getting her make up and Pinktails done by Pinkalicious

Sutton w/ Pinkalicious

Sutton getting her makeup and Pinktails done by Pinkalicious

Taylor, Maddie Rose, Sutton and Caroline

Listening to Pinkalicious read her book

Kelley did such a great job decorating for this party! It was absolutely precious.

Samantha had a Pinkalicious party for her 4th birthday and it was the cutest thing ever! All of the little girls had such a good time and Pinkalicious was adorable. They got their make up and pinktails done, Pinkalicous read her book to them, they had a dance party and of course ate pink cupcakes. A good time was had by all.


The three Musketeers

Lila Kate, Samantha, Taylor, Lissy, Sutton....and Michael over to the side!

Taylor w/ Coach Craig

Michael is watching but still unsure about what is going on.

Sutton w/ Coach Craig

Not scared to do a flip anymore!!!

The girls had their first gymnastics class last Thursday and they loved it! I really like their Coach and he seems to be good w/ all of the kids. I love, love, love their class because we are the only class in the gym at that time and it is so nice to have it all to ourselves. It's also nice that we know everyone in the class. Sutton, Taylor, Michael, Lissy, Lila Kate, and Samantha all go to school together. Coach Craig asked me if I could put Taylor in black and Sutton in purple every time so he could tell them apart so I said sure. Then he explained that next week he had three more kids starting in their class....and they are triplets!!! And he cannot tell any of them apart either!!! He says their mom dresses them in the same color every week and it helps him know who is who. (Apparently they have been in his class before.)

Waiting on Carson

Carson was coming over to play one day last week and the girls were so excited. I was upstairs doing some things and came down to find them sitting in their chairs right in front of the door waiting for him to arrive. So cute! It was still an hour before he was supposed to be here so I talked them into finding a little something to do before he got there. ;o) They just LOVE him.

Things I've made recently

Love this frame! You can't tell from this picture but it's distressed and oh-so cute.

Something a little girlie for the Bama fans.

Happy Halloween

Roll Tide Roll! Love these letters!

War Eagle....had to do something for the Auburn fans too.

This wreath took FOREVER to make! I thought I was going to whip up a few to sell at the Mt. Laurel fall festival (and I still plan to) but boy are they a lot more work than I originally thought. Clint folded all 300 coffee filters for me, I glued them on and it still took us over 3 hours to finish it. It's hanging in the girls' room now and it looks really cute.