Friday, January 23, 2009

Jammie Day / Teddy Bear Parade at School

Today at school the girls had PJ day and a teddy bear parade. The teachers took pictures so I am hoping that they email them to us over the weekend because I am dying to see what went on! I had my doubts about how today was going to go because Taylor was a total fussy gussy all day long yesterday and Sutton woke up at 4am this morning and only went back to sleep for maybe an hour or so. Not much sleep in the Ray household lately. As you can see in the first picture Sutton was sleepy before we ever left for school today. They apparently had a blast and were completely fired up when I picked them up...they chattered the whole way home. I can't wait until I can understand what they are saying. I parked on the street when we got home and let them walk to the front door themselves and they thought they were big stuff. I know that's sad but I have just recently started letting them crawl up the stairs from the basement so they thought running through the yard was awesome. Hopefully one day we will have a nice, big, flat yard for them to play in rather than a slope in the front and a cliff in the back. I can dream, right? We are going to have to get a fence put up around the retaining wall in the back before the summer gets here because these two are going to need some real outdoor time by then.
They also had their RSV shots again yesterday. The girls are wising up...when they see Tanna (our nurse that comes to our house to give the shots) they start backing away and staring her down. There was lots of crying but it didn't last long and we only have 2 more months of shots and then they are finished with them. Two years of two shots once a month is enough for any kid! Like Tanna said, it's not fair for someone to come into your own home and do this to you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hugs for everyone!

I just thought these were cute pictures. We had a weekend full of poop...literally! The girls went for their 15 month check-up on Thursday (yes, I know they are 18 months). We are behind because we changed doctors and had to wait for an appt. to see her for 3 months. It was well worth the wait though because we all think she's the cats meow and much more loving and personable than the first Pediatrician we had. It's all about the bedside manner. Nana went w/ us to the appt. since Clint was out of town and I have to say that Sutton & Taylor have never had so much fun at the doctor's office before. They played really hard while we were there throwing balls, bouncing balls, moving the exam room furniture that was not bolted down (seriously!) and had a blast. They got a great report and Dr. Darby said she would never know that they were born so early because they are doing so well developmentally. I asked if they were small since all the 18 month clothes just fall off of them and she said yes but it was nothing to worry about. They are thin but tall...America's Next Top Model here we come! She said they would probably even out in a few months.
They both had ear infections and were put on antibiotics...and the poop began. I don't think we've ever changed so many nasty diapers in a weekend. And bed sheets, and washed boppies, etc. Anyway, I called the doc today and got a different antibiotic so hopefully things will clear up if you know what I mean.

Our tiny cottage

Clint put together the girls' little cottage they got for Christmas this weekend and they had a blast playing in it. It was super cold outside, and they have ear infections, so they coudn't stay out for long but I know it'll be a huge hit once the weather warms up a little. They have a front door, operable shutters, kitchen area, dining area, cordless phone, and a real doorbell all in this one compact little place! They hosted their first guest for dinner....Daddy. I was afraid he wasn't going to be able wedge his bootie back out of there but he made it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tea party

The other day I was in the kitchen and the girls were in the den playing a little too quietly if you know what I mean. I peeked in to check on them and this is what I found. They had both Elmo's, the teddy bear and Brobee all sitting at the table. It was so cute! They got the table and chairs for Christmas but Clint just put it together last week and I haven't shown them how to sit their little friends in the chairs or was just natural instinct. These girls are bred for tea parties!

Christmas continued 2

The Miller clan; Uncle Todd, Aunt Shea, Peyton and Madi Claire

Christmas continued

Bunny gave the girls little cooking kits, w/ aprons, rolling pins, etc. and they thought they were big stuff w/ the aprons on.


We had a great Christmas this year. We went to my parent's house for Christmas eve and then had Clint's mom, aunts, dad, grandmother, and my parents over to our house on Christmas morning for breakfast and to watch the girls open gifts. Later that day we had our first annual Ray Family Christmas Dinner. I actually enjoyed all the cooking and Clint said he couldn't believe how calm I was because I usually get in a tizzy while cooking a big meal, especially with a house full of people.
The girls got so many toys it was just ridiculous. I think we are going to have to add on to the house to have a place to put them all!

Polar Express continued 2

This is the wild bunch! Left to right are Vivian, Sutton, Caden, Taylor, Reid and Macy. (Riley didn't make this shot)

Sutton is so upset and was for about 10 minutes. She fell and got a candy cane stuck to her butt as soon as Clint put her down and it just ticked her off!

Polar Express continued

Polar Express

This was our first year to go to the Polar Express and the girls had so much fun. We had a crew of little ones...7 total I believe. We boarded the train, sang Christmas carols, had chocolate milk and cookies, and the elves came through and gave all the kids bells to ring. When we stopped at the North Pole Santa and Mrs. Claus boarded the train and came to visit with the kids. Everything went perfectly until we handed Sutton and Taylor over to Mr. and Mrs. Claus for pictures. I think the picture will speak for itself.

Diva behavior

I think we have two little divas in the house. Clint bought a massage chair several months ago to try and help w/ his back problems and the girls have taken it over. One night after their bath I was dressing Sutton and looked over and little Taylor had crawled up in the chair, grabbed the remote, and turned it on. I don't even know how she figured it out but she loved it from the get-go. So of course Sutton had to try it out too. Now they are in the habit of getting a massage at night after their bath. Spa 119 here we come!


Look at this beautiful dog! This is Jennifer and Jason's dog, Rocky, and the girls just loved him. He is so gentle and didn't mind them petting him at all. This is the first big dog they have been around so I was so happy that it went well because I want them to love animals as much as I do. Aren't his eyes gorgeous?


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We had a chance to visit w/ everyone over in Atlanta ie., PaPa Reuben, G.G., Bunny, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Sherry, and the whole Ellis family. The girls had a blast. We went over to Jennifer and Jason's house for a gigantic Thanksgiving meal and they got to play with their cousin Tyler who is just a little younger than them. This picture was taken at the end of they day when all 3 were quite tired but they are still cute. I think Tyler is going to be a little lady killer!